I'm Govinda Bader, Certified Rolfer and creator of ProSqueeze. I have been a professional bodyworker in San Francisco for 15 years and I used to have tight forearms, painful wrists and aching hands that nearly ended my career.

I have tried dozens of tools and techniques to reduce my arm and hand tension including paying for expensive massages, using a plethora of massage tools, inventing a barefoot technique, dunking my hands in ice water and eventually taking sabbaticals from bodywork. Some of these approaches helped, but I never found a self-massage tool that worked the way I wanted it to and that is why I created ProSqueeze.

What I wanted from a tool was the ability to create deep, targeted pressure as though someone were stepping on my arms and hands. I also wanted the ability to focus the pressure exactly where I wanted it and keep it as long as I wanted.

After two years of engineering and prototyping, I developed ProSqueeze. Now I can release my arm and hand tension without having to hire a massage therapist or exert a lot of energy doing self-massage. I can sit on my couch, apply ProSqueeze to my arm and feel my tension melt away at the end of the day. And, it releases my leg tension after a run.

ProSqueeze has helped me continue working and doing what I love and I'm confident it can help you do the same.